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Mark B. Thompson Associates LLC (MBTA) specializes in strategic planning, campus master planning and architecture for institutions that require professional planning and design services as they undertake new phases of development. Our mission is to create well-designed and sustainable architecture that reinforces the vitality of both the natural and cultural landscapes it inhabits.

Founded in 1974, MBTA is recognized for its extensive work supporting institutions in planning for growth and change, for integrating new architecture with existing fabric, and for creating landscapes and campuses that are distinguished by their beauty and sense of community.

MBTA creates settings and architecture that enhance the quality of life for the individual while they deepen the character and values of the community. Our firm undertakes each commission with the belief that for a structure to rise to the place of valued and enduring architecture it must meet the specific functional requirements and broader goals of its users, it must be responsive to its site and context, it must be durable and environmentally responsible, and it must support the underlying traditions of its community.

From the outset, MBTA engages with the leadership, staff and community of each institution to understand its mission, to refine its program and to accomplish its potential. MBTA then develops planning and architectural programs that meet and exceed the planning, design, organizational, budgetary and scheduling goals for each project.