On the Boards: Conditions Assessment

In August of 2012, MBTA was selected to assess the condition and develop a treatment plan for the Cryptoporticus and North Terrace, important features of William Hamilton’s 1789 Federal style expansion of his estate at the Woodlands.  For the project, MBTA is collaborating with Gredell & Associates (Structural Engineers), Building Conservation Associates (Architectural Conservation), Meliora Environmental Design (Site / Civil Engineering), Becker and Frondorf (Construction Cost Consulting), and Ochsendorf, DeJong and Block (Brick Arch Specialist).

The primary purpose of the project is to determine a method for the long-term stabilization and preservation of the brick masonry structure with the removal of the temporary shoring which currently provides the means for support.  The project is significant as a National Historic Landmark designated site, and in the survival of the vault structure, which may be one of the earliest extant brick masonry arches in the country.

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