The Association of Graduates answers "Why West Point?"

WPVC Image 004.jpg

In this month's newsletter to West Point Alumni, the Association of Graduates announced their intentions to construct a new Visitors Center on campus. Along with an image depicting a preliminary scheme for the new building, the article reaches out to alumni, and explains the importance of creating a central hub and starting point for visitors to campus.

The article states, "Envisioned as a 21st-century “Experience Hub,” the new West Point Visitors Center will feature a striking entry pavilion, high-tech exhibits, state-of-the-art theaters, and new artifacts for its more than 250,000 annual guests to enjoy.  The center will also employ the latest architectural innovations to capitalize on natural light and existing terrain, it will be re-oriented to take advantage of the scenic power of the Hudson River, and it will allow for a possible future connection to the nearby West Point Museum (the center’s exterior massing will harmonize with that of this existing facility)."

For the Full Article, visit the West Point Association of Graduates website.